How Delivery Trucks Are Manufactured

In the equipment and vehicle manufacturing industries, welding and fabrication are perhaps two of the most critical processes. Welding is usually done to join two or more metal parts together. Fabrication usually entails several other processes, including; cutting, drilling, grinding and bending. Since the equipment must be finished, sanding may also be done before a coat of paint can be applied. In some cases, electroplating or anodization can be done to provide the equipment being fabricated with a protective coating. 

Manufacturing of Delivery Trucks

The chassis and body of delivery trucks are usually made through the process of welding and fabrication. Usually, this is done by firms specialising in welding and fabrication services. Express service carrier companies rely on delivery trucks in their day-to-day operations. 

Extra information about welding and fabrication services

How it's Done

Different types of metals, including metal sheets, metal bars, and metal pipes are measured and cut according to the technical specifications. Bending may also be done and holes drilled into the metallic parts. Once everything is ready, welding is done to join all the parts together. It is important to note that some components can only be joined with bolts and nuts, so permanently welded joints are not applicable everywhere. 

Once the chassis and body of the delivery truck are ready, sandblasting is usually done to get rid of rust and other impurities. Sanding also helps to smoothen welded joints and edges. After the sanding process, the body and chassis are painted. A special type of protective coating may also be applied through the process of electroplating, powder coating, and anodizing. These three processes provide a more durable and scratch-resistant finish. 

Guide to Finding the Best Welding and fabrication services

Since there is a lot of competition in the welding and fabrication industry, you must do some research to find the right service provider. Below are key factors to take into consideration when doing your research:


The most experienced welding and fabrication companies deserve to be given special consideration. This is because experience builds competence, so the most experienced firms usually offer the highest quality of service. The number and types of delivery trucks a firm has fabricated in the past must be checked. Be sure to also consider the years of industry experience a firm has. This will go a long way in making sure you get the highest quality of service possible. 


The reputation different firms have developed over the years should be checked. This is because you want to hire trusted and reliable contractors. Only firms with many positive reviews and a lot of testimonials deserve to be given special consideration. 


All the firms on your list will quote different rates for their truck body fabrication services. Therefore, you must request quotes from all the firms on your list and compare them before you can decide to make a decision. The cost comparison will ensure you can get better value for your money. Lastly, you must compare the turnaround times of the shortlisted firms as this will help you pick the right firm for the job.